Sustainable is sexy and eco-conscious is cool

WeAreNativ, created by Rosey Hocknell, is a sustainable, ethical and conscious swimwear label. It is a voice to spread our positive message, and a budding vehicle for change

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WeAreNativ is a pioneering idea, with pieces designed for the nomadic and mindful, yet wild and free female. Drawing rich influence from futurism, music and street culture, we design fashion-forward swimwear with an eco-conscience 

WAN is a revolution, it is a movement working to recognise and leverage the power of a digital age and its ability to create change, to educate, to empower, to inspire innovation and collaboration

Together we are stronger and the time has come where it is cool to be conscious and to shout this from the rooftops, it’s cool to learn about where your clothes are made and to do good by each other and the planet

In creating WAN we use a boutique factory on the beautiful island of Bali in Indonesia. Our pieces are made using ECONYL® fibre which is 100% regenerated nylon from pre and post-consumer waste

Our aim is to offer up killer cuts which rival the commercial brands and show that sustainable is sexy, conscious is cool and we can be wolves, warriors or whatever the heck we want so long as we do it in style and in line with what we believe

Clean lines, clean oceans, clean conscience... Created for the modern minimalist

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Handmade in Limited Quantities

We like seeing thousands of girls wearing the same bikini as much as you do.. not at all. That's why we produce our pieces in short runs and in limited quantities

When we decided to manufacture offshore, Bali was an obvious choice with its ethical reputation. Traveling over to work closely with our small boutique factory not only ensures the quality meets our standards, but also gives us the opportunity to work with and build our relationships with the factory staff and ensure that our ethical and sustainable ethos is being honoured